Operator`s Goggle IPL , SHR , Elight

Category: Consumable components

Operator`s Goggle IPL is a kind of eyewear that uses to protect your eyes from IPL , SHR , E-light . Operator`s Goggle IPL is an ultra-light-weight comfortable frame with a double coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate laser filter. The fit-over-prescription style frame offers universal fit with the wide field of view. Lens has superior optical clarity with virtually no distortion to reduce eye fatigue. It is ideal for use in most laser applications and comfortable for long periods of wear.This eyewear laser filter offers protection from 190-2000nm but will provide protection for UV lasers (190-380 nm) as well. This eyewear may provide protection from other laser wavelengths not listed. Please see Technical Specs for additional information about the frame and the filter or contact us. 





Technical details

Technical Details

Name : Operator`s Goggle IPL

Weight :  130 gr

Dimension : 20 * 15 cm

protection wavelength :  190-2000 nm  

Application : medical 

Package : cover pack