Flash Lamp

Category: Consumable components

Flash lamp of laser devices and IPL are considered as the heart or stimulating factor of laser machines, which it should always beat, so that laser device can output efficiently, or so-called good effect, laser lamp accounts for a consumable commodity and each laser lamp is different in terms of standard, size, and the amount of gas pressure and other variables. Thus, laser lamps can have shot or a different operating time compared to each other. To find out being the standard laser lamp it's enough put the serial number printed on your old lamp to the laser group of Iranians so that we can provide the heart of your device with reasonable price and in the shortest time. But in some types of laser lamp made in chine is not found this type of serial or sign on flash lamp and only through measurement of lamp dimensions can find suitable laser lamp for laser device.Three characteristics can be considered for each laser lamp and through these three characteristics we can identify different types of flash bulbs, parameters for measurement clearly have been marked in the image below.

(ARC), or the distance between two tungsten of laser lamp
(Total), or the total length of the laser lamp
(OD), or the diameter of the laser lamp

flash lamp laser

Technical details

Technical Details

Name : Flash Lamp

Weight : 30 gr

Dimension : it Depends on medical laser machine 

Material : Quartz . Xenon gas . krypton gas.

Application : Medical / Industrial 

Package includes : Flash lamp - foam - carton pack