Crystal - laser


Category: Consumable components

Crystals are one of the most effective components of the handpieces. In fact, the crystals main task is to prevent burning of the patient, by cooling the crystal of handpiece patient pain is reduced, as well as the molecular structure of the crystal lattice can drain light in the crystal with Induction and can reduce the friction surface so that handpiece move easily on the skin. Of course, using the crystal of good quality can minimize the friction on the patient's skin.

In fact, the damage cause of handpiece crystal is dirt and dust on it. Also, the gel remaining on the crystal causes the crystal handpiece is not as good as before. And it is why dirty and or opaque crystal cases it will lessen its effectiveness on the patient's skin. over time it causes the crystal be so-called spotted out. Of course, we can clean opaque the crystal by Paper optic handpieces, that is completely clean and free of lint, then use it, but the best way to increase the effect is the replacement of crystal laser.

Crystals have different types and forms, crystals in the handpiece typically are placed in two types of square or pentagon, you can order it with the shortest time through sending your crystal dimensions.





Technical details

Technical Details

Name : Crystal

Weight : 60 gr 

Dimension : it depends on machine

Application : Medical 

Package : Carton safe pack and paper pack