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    Iranian Laser Group is one of the largest importers of laser devices, laser flash lamps, crystal, filters and other consumable components. Our company always move to meet the demand for medical equipment market. The main mission of our business is customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our main services include laser lamps replacement, rent and sale of laser devices. In this context, our main focus is on the services of flash lamp,we provide our customer the best service in the shortest time. Our business motto is “All in one” means “all of what you want” means performance with effectiveness.”This is why our service always will bring the best for you . The main strategy has been to maintain highest quality throughout the organization, we only not profit competent wholesalers and partner companies but also think about all walks of society and our environment,  We hope we can always keep going our ways.

    Flash lamp of laser devices and IPL are considered as the heart or stimulating factor of laser machines, which it should always beat, so that laser device can output efficiently, or so-called good effect, laser lamp accounts for a consumable commodity and each laser lamp is different in terms of standard, size, and the amount of gas pressure and other variables. Thus, laser lamps can have shot or a different operating time compared to each other. To find out being the standard laser lamp it’s enough put the serial number printed on your old lamp to the laser group of Iranians so that we can provide the heart of your device with reasonable price and in the shortest time. But in some types of laser lamp made in chine is not found this type of serial or sign on flash lamp and only through measurement of lamp dimensions can find suitable laser lamp for laser device.